Astrology is a very old belief or discipline that is made up of many different systems, practices, and rituals. It involves the study of the planets, the moon, and the stars and how they can affect the lives of people. Most of the time people think of the future and fortune telling when astrology is mentioned. Astrology came from the Latin word astrologia. 'Astro' or 'astron' is the Greek word for star, while 'logia' is study. So astrology means literally to study the stars.

People who study or practice astrology are called astrologers, and they follow and chart the movements and locations of the different celestial bodies and use these information to give people insight on their behavior, relationships and other aspects of life. There are astrologers who believe that the stars can only give information regarding what is happening now and what could possibly happen in the future, while there are other astrologers who think that the stars directly affect the lives of people and things that are happening around them.

Astrology is frequently frowned upon by modern day scientists and they claim that it is just a bunch of false notions and beliefs. There are other groups of scientists who believe that astrology has scientific basis, and is in fact a branch of scientific study. Astrologers in the past only watched how the stars moved and how they related to the earth. As astrology progressed, astrologers used the information they got from observing the planets and the stars and interpreted these into what we now know as zodiac patterns and horoscope progressions.

According to studies, astrology was already practiced as early as 3000 B.C. Early Babylonians used the stars and the sun to pattern their faith and to predict the future. Astrology has affected many cultures, and many astrologers claim that astrology influenced many major events in history. Astrology and astronomy were believed to be only one discipline although they were eventually made into two distinct studies when the renaissance started. Astrologers now use astronomy to study astrology and a good number of astrologers believe astrology is a branch of astronomy.

Astrology has been in use by many ancient cultures for thousands of years. Astrology's roots can also be traced to India and how it was practiced by their ancestors. Vedic astrology and horoscope is considered to be the oldest existing kind of horoscope. Studies also show that there were forms of astrology used by the ancient Babylonians, Egyptians and Greek Civilizations. They used astrology to foretell disasters and unwanted events such as famine and war. The Chinese are also credited for their astrological studies and their contributions to the horoscope.

Horoscopes can be divided into four probable branches, each with its own system and methods of utilizing astrology and how they interpret the information they get. Modern horoscopes can now be seen all over, in newspapers, magazines, television and the internet. Most people think of the twelve zodiac signs when horoscope and astrology is mentioned and many of them deeply believe in astrology and horoscopes. Contrary to what many people think, there are a good number of Americans who believe in astronomy and there are those who are willing to go to an astrologer and have them determine how the stars affect and can influence their lives.